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Background Information
on This Reloading Site

Who am I?

I am not affiliated with MEC. I’m a shooter and reloader who’s bought several MEC machines, and have gone through the learning curve the hard way. I have better things to do than to chase shot balls all over the floor, and pick up spilled powder. So for my own benefit, I started thinking about the best way to produce the most good shells in the least time.

Who is MEC?

MEC is a registered trademark of Mayville Engineering Company, Inc. It manufactures high-quality shotshell reloaders, among other products. I like that MEC is employee-owned. I can kinda feel it when I am on the phone with the service department. I don’t hear that bored, clock-punching attitude by the person on the other end.

Are MECs perfect machines? No. (Let me know when you find one.) Are MECs a reliable, solid value? Definitely.

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