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Good Resources for Shotshell Reloading

Links to Powder Manufacturers

You can usually get reloading data wherever you buy powder. However, they may not stock the most recent reloading tables. You’re likely to find the most current data on the website for each powder manufacturer, and you can just print it out at index.

Alliant reloading data

Hodgdon reloading data

IMR reloading data

Winchester reloading data

Links to Other Good Guys

Shotgun World. The owner of this site, Jay Gentry, provides a service that is both unique and valuable. He solicits the lowest prices on all types of new shotguns. Not only does his site display details of each gun, but it links to the current lowest-price vendor for each. It is like a reverse auction, where sellers bid each other down. also has many other features of interest to shotgunners and reloaders, with lots of advice on equipment and other topics.

Gamaliel Shooter’s Supply. This family-owned business started with a guy selling ammo out of the trunk of his car. They’re not the size of Wal-Mart now, but they are large enough to offer good deals on ammo, components and reloaders.

Shotgun Report. This is a wonderful site put together by two guys, Bruce Buck and Roland Leong. Roland built and maintains the clean and fast website, and also does product reviews. Bruce holds forth on absolutely anything relating to modern shotguns. You’re unlikely to stump this guy. He’s part of the empirical (i.e., “prove it to me”) school of shooting, and is a geyser of knowledge about chokes, loads, gun fit, gun quality, gun products, etc. He’s a good writer and funny, too. Just a great site.

Another REAL Good Site 🙂 OK, I’m biased, because my son, Phil, and I put this site together. If you are a competitive shotgunner, you know the nuisance issue: Where to store your couple of extra shells?

It’s convenient to pour a box of 25 shotshells into your pouch. But we all carry extras, in case of a dud, or for a little more practice, etc. Instead of having those shells mixed in with your box of 25, or stuffed in your pants, these well-made leather holders carry them neatly on your belt, next to your pouch. Check the site out here.