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Shotshell Reloading Articles

Understanding MEC Charge Bars

If you want to understand the markings on MEC charge bars, check this out.

How to Get Your Reloader Ready to Roll

Here’s what must you actually do, in what order, to get your reloader ready to go.

How to Reload to a Recipe: Step by Step

Maybe you follow your gut when making your famous BBQ sauce, and don’t need no stinkin’ recipe. That’s nice. However, if you want to avoid becoming dead meat yourself, you might want to follow these steps when whipping up your next batch of shotshells.

Which Shotshell Hulls Should You Use?

Some things for you to consider.

MEC 9000 Reloader

I answer a reader’s question here.

The Mystery of the Inconsistent Powder Drop–Solved

If some of your loads feel like Mattel loaded them for Barbie to shoot, and others feel like Terminator shells, you have a consistency issue. Here is one possible cause.

Reloader Safety

I know I know: safety can be boooring. In this case, it can also keep you alive.

Buying Reloading Equipment

Some thoughts on which reloader you might consider buying.

Here is a Tip on Shotshell Wads

If you are having trouble inserting wads quickly, then this tip from experienced reloader Robert Fix may help.