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Should the MEC 9000 Be Your First Reloader?

In a word: Yes.

Many shooters are scared off by the MEC 9000. That’s because their buddies have told them horror stories about how the machine is only for advanced reloaders; and how they will be spending much more time fixing problems than actually reloading shotshells; etc. But is it true?

As with most things, the answer is Yes and No. Yes, if you do not bother to learn the key principles behind the MEC 9000 shotshell reloader, you’ll make a mess of your reloading session. Yes, you’ll get frustrated at ruining 6 shells very efficiently, if you don’t learn how to use the machine properly.

But the answer is also No. The 9000 is not just for advanced reloaders. By learning a handful of key principles, and being vigilant, you can not only turn out perfect shotshells with the MEC 9000, but you can be doing so at a very fast rate.

The thing about the MEC 9000 is that it not only works on reloading 6 shotshells at one time, but it also automatically advances the shells when you are done with one operation. That makes them ready for the next procedure. It’s a timesaver over the other MEC reloaders, where you need to advance the carriage manually every time you finish one operation.

Again, the key is to know what you are doing. The MEC owner’s manual is quite good. However, it doesn’t go into every possible problem that can occur. And because Mr. Murphy (of Murphy’s Law) ships with every complicated piece of machinery made in America, you need a guide to all the problems that can occur.

That’s where I come in. I’m a fellow shooter, and a reloader, and I’ve made all those mistakes—many times over. I’ve gone one step further: I’ve put all my experience down on paper, so other shooters don’t have to learn what I did—the hard way.

Therefore, if you want to reload perfect shotshells, and do it fast, you oughtta consider getting a MEC 9000 and my stuff. Click here to get more information on how to make your MEC 9000 purr like a kitten, so you can spend more time shooting and less time swearing.